Are you a speaker looking for a stage?

Are you an event producer looking for speakers?

Looking for a quality speaker?

We have an incredible roster of speakers to match to your event!

Whether your event is virtual, in-person, hybrid, with a local or global audience we have an incredible roster of speakers to match to your event!

Some of our speakers are looking for:

We have the community of speakers to fill your events!!

Do you have a budget for an exceptional keynote speaker or trainer or you are looking for a speaker sponsor or have a free speaking opportunity and looking for the best collaborators and promoters…

We carefully match your opportunity to the right fit speaker for your you, from those starting out to highly seasoned speakers.

“6 Stages from Dannella’s company resulted in over $228,000 in revenue and more speaking opportunities.”
Are you a speaker?

Are you a speaker Needing Stages?

Speakers opportunities

Speaking is not only a way for business owners to grow their business, it’s a way to get a message to a larger audience.

We know as busy speakers you want speaking opportunities however, it can often be a time consuming and tedious process.

We offer speakers opportunities of all kinds as well as assistance with booking stages from live, virtual, podcasts and other speaking events.

+30 years providing services and support for events.

Speakers are looking for the right gigs at the right time to support endless leads, collaborations and growing their business through the power of speaking and event.



“Dannella’s motivation and encouragement has gotten me on stages and speaking. Ever since I joined her program I’m getting on more stages, getting better at speaking and getting more leads and clients.”

Meet Dannella Burnett

Speakers Need to Speak and Encore Elite Events founder

Speakers Need to Speak and Encore Elite Events founder Dannella Burnett has supported impactful and profitable events for decades. Over time she developed an impressive directory of speakers to support her Encore Elite Event clients. Speakers came back looking for more.

Speakers were having a difficult time finding the right stages and having a hard time getting their messages heard. While top-level speakers are often sought out, but most speakers need to be seeking stages on a regular basis, to fill their calendar with ease or to keep their calendar full. From this idea, Speakers Need to Speak was born, to provide leads, resources, community and guaranteed gigs.

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